10 Best Places to Live in West Virginia

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10 Best Places to Live in West Virginia 2023

Hii Friends, Lets see the 10 Best Places to Live in West Virginia 2024. There are many happy families in West Virginia. The median household income is close to the national average of $50,000 USD, and the crime rate is much lower than in other states. When you are looking for the perfect place to live, there are certain aspects to be taken into consideration: things like access to top schooling, infrastructure, transportation options for commuters, the quality and best price of housing.

The information you need on the best areas to reside within West Virginia can be tricky to locate all in one location. That is why we have created our top 10 areas to reside within West Virginia. If you are new here, please subscribe to this website and press the like icon for more articles. We hope you liked this article and share your thoughts in the comments below.

10. Wheeling

The 10th position is given to Wheeling. It is a bit confusingly being part of Ohio County, and Wheeling belongs to West Virginia. The midsize city is connected from north to south via road 470 and 70 and the Ohio River. Tenants will be overly thrilled to discover that in Wheeling, the monthly rent is about $600 USD on average.

Additionally, the property is affordable too, with a surprisingly low investment of just $30,000 USD. You could be the happy owner of a full bedroom perfect townhouse in Wheeling. There are a lot of public schools options, and the best five schools have been awarded a rating exceeding government standards.

As a major city within the state, there are plenty of cafes and restaurants that residents can enjoy. From restaurants that serve traditional American cuisine to curry houses that are international, there’s a lot to pick from.

9. Charleston

While there is a Charleston located in northern South Dakota, this Charleston is largely situated in West Virginia. The state capital is situated on the confluence between the Kanawha and the Elk rivers. Therefore, fishing is a favorite activity for a lot of residents. There are plenty of activities to keep Charleston residents entertained in their spare time.

For instance, the Clay Center for Arts and Science is one example, and there is the Capital Market in the downtown area. The capital of the state is a great source of opportunities for employment in Charleston, and naturally, commute times are quite low.

It might surprise you to find out that Charleston is an affordable city to reside in. The median home price is $200,000 on average, while rent is on an average of $700 per month. This is virtually unheard of in modern-day American cities.

8. Lewisburg

The town of Lewisburg is located in Greenbrier County in West Virginia. It is situated in the George Washington and Jefferson National Forest. The reserve is a part of the Appalachian Mountain Trail and is an ideal spot to go out in the open and explore.

The small town of Park comprises 4,000 residents. The neighborhood in the suburbs is well-off with a median income of $50,000 on average. The residents are quick to say that Lewisburg is a town where people stop to talk in the streets and have a love and smile with each other.

It is described as a warm, small, and welcoming small town with good schools, decent work opportunities, and access to the outdoors right in front of you. Many people will find Lewisburg an ideal area to live in.

7. Brookhaven

Just a few steps from Morgantown, as well as a straw city, is a small town of Brookhaven. With its residents enjoying amazing housing options, high-quality schools, and great commuting choices, it is difficult to identify a fault with Brookhaven.

With everything from Chinese to Indian and all-American steakhouses and more, residents of Brookhaven can choose from a wide range of restaurants to enjoy a meal with family and friends.

Three of the classics: Hot Spot Bar and Lounge is a definite popular local spot. The monthly rent in Brookhaven is only $700 on average. The only problem is that there aren’t many homes available to rent. The majority of residents live in homes owned by the homeowner.

6. Teays Valley

With 80 percent of the 13,000 residents of Teays Valley living in owned homes, it will not surprise you to know that the area isn’t as popular with millennials. The median household revenue of the area is $70,000 on average.

While not exclusively, it is favorite among families with children and newly retired couples. As a small town located in West Virginia, teenagers would think that there isn’t much to do and that the people are friendly. Teays Valley is connected to Charleston and Huntington via Route 65, which greatly opens commuting options for the local workforce.

5. Bethlehem

Bethlehem is a part of West Virginia with a great choice of public schools for children. There are just six schools within the region. Since there are just 2,500 residents who reside in Bethlehem, there are plenty of educational options for parents to think about.

People in the area say that a crime rate in the area is rising, but this is just gossip. Bethlehem is being identified with the PA Plus score for its low levels of crime. There are a variety of homes available in Bethlehem.

A charming 4-bedroom family home is available for $500,000. However, an apartment with a three-bedroom on the second floor in Bethlehem can be purchased at $300,000. If you conduct your research, you will get the best value for the money you spend here.

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4. Bridgeport

Much more valley than the other areas in West Virginia, Bridgeport is home to an estimated 10,000 residents. The areas’ wealth is apparent, as the majority of residents reside in houses owned by their owners.

While the population is higher than other parts of the state, the cost of living, the median property values of homes in Bridgeport, isn’t a lot higher than the average across the nation. With just $70,000, you can purchase a three-bedroom family home with off-road parking space and a spacious garden.

The crime rate in Bridgeport is not very high. The town is proud of the secure and open community spirit they have built in the town. While it’s a tiny town, there are numerous retail stores, entertainment venues, and opportunities for working, and that provides residents with the opportunity to live a full and active life.

3. Star City

Through the Monongahela River in Monongahela County in West Virginia, we find the charmingly non-Star City. It might be a town by name, but Star City is home to less than 2,000 people.

With excellent quality public education, lots of crime, and an acceptable amount of activities for socializing, in the city, there is plenty to love regarding Star City. The homes located in Star City are humble and comfortable, but they are incredibly affordable.

An investment of $170,000 will be enough to purchase a three-bedroom family house in a friendly neighborhood. However, all parts of Star City are friendly and warm.

2. Morgantown

While it is in the second place on a statistical basis and in terms of residents’ level of satisfaction, Morgantown far surpasses Cheat Lake. Morgantown is home to more than 30,000 residents. The town has many college

students as well. Though it’s a fairly big town, Morgantown proudly retains its small-town atmosphere. If the residents’ happiness were the sole factor to be considered while arranging the top areas to reside within West Virginia, Morgantown would be the top choice. Morgantown is very affordable and a very accessible region.

The median home price is $175,000, and when you consider that the average earnings of a household are around $35,000, the purchase of a home isn’t the goal for people living in this area. Most people living in Morgantown reside in rental homes. This is not surprising since it is a popular location for millennials, with median monthly rents of less than $800. It’s not hard to blame them for that. [Music]

1. Cheat Lake

According to the statistics, Cheat Lake is the most desirable area to reside within West Virginia and, in turn, the most suitable area to have children. There are 10 public schools within the Cheat Lake region that offer parents plenty of choices for the youngsters.

In terms of the diversity offered to students, Cheat Lake is home to a variety of residents. It is a comparatively affordable and accessible region of West Virginia, meaning the 10,000 residents are diverse in terms of ethnic background and ecumenical standing.

The residents quickly point out that the infrastructure for roads could use some improvement; however, it’s a minor price to pay to live in the most desirable neighborhood within West Virginia.

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