Cruise News: Latest Cruise Updates Of 27/10/23

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Cruise News Latest Cruise Updates Of 271023

“Cruise news tensions rise following a tragic death on board a Caribbean cruise. I’m going to get you the information on that plus I have the top Cruise news updates from across the cruise industry, and I’m going to get you the information fast. Coming up, welcome to Travel Scouts. My name is Jason, and we are your cruise information Channel. We get you the cruise news and information you’re for quickly without wasting your time, so if you love cruising, consider subscribing.

Okay, lots of news today. Let’s go ahead and kick it off with number one. A cruise ship has been involved in a large rescue operation. A British cargo ship named the Varity sank after colliding with another cargo ship off the coast of Germany yesterday. Multiple ships were involved in the search for the missing crew of the Varity. One of those ships was the Pio Iona cruise ship. Two crew members were rescued, and the body of another was found in the water. However, there are four crew members that are still missing, and unfortunately, the BBC is now reporting that the search has been called off.

British cargo ship named the Varity

Number two, there has been some flooding on the Carnival Radiance cruise ship. Here is some footage. This occurred last week but is going viral now. Carnival has confirmed that this did occur. Reports are that this was on Deck number seven, which is well above the waterline, so this was some sort of internal leak on the ship, and the crew did a great job getting it cleaned up.

flooding on the Carnival Radiance cruise ship

Moving on to number three, the Meyer group has introduced a floating Cruise terminal concept. The Meyer group is one of the main cruise ship builders in the world, but here is a picture of their new floating cruise ship terminal. These terminals would be built at a shipyard and then transported anywhere in the world for quick assembly. This new innovation will give islands and coastal cities that previously did not have a cruise port the ability to have one in a very efficient manner.

floating Cruise terminal concept

Next, number four, data has been released on the region of origin for cruise passengers. 97% of all cruise passengers come from five different regions, so I’m going to share those with you very, very quickly. 50% of cruise passengers are from North America, 24% are from Western Europe, 15% from Asia, 5% from Australasia, and 3% from South America.

region of origin for cruise passengers

Then, number five, a 58-year-old Florida woman has been accused of stealing a diamond ring on a cruise ship. This occurred on board Royal Caribbean’s Mariner of the Seas cruise ship last week. The ring was taken from Effie’s Boutique on the cruise ship and is valued at $2,975. The woman was arrested and is now released on bail. The trial is set for March.

Okay, we have several Cruise news pieces remaining, including the top headlines of the day. But quick question, chime in down below. Speaking of cruise ship jewelry shops, here’s a question: What are your thoughts about cruise ship jewelry? Is it worth it, and can you find deals? Chime in down below with A for yes or B for no. Would love to know your thoughts on cruise ship jewelry. But now, on with the cruise news.

Number six, Ruby Princess cruisers have won a class action lawsuit against Carnival Corporation. This lawsuit references back to a COVID-19 outbreak on board the cruise ship in March of 2020. The judge ruled that Carnival Corporation misled cruise passengers regarding the effectiveness of their COVID-19 prevention measures and that they should have canceled the voyage. Approximately 1,000 Australian Cruisers were listed in the class action lawsuit, and the judge may rule that another 700 US passengers could be added to the suit as well.

Ruby Princess cruisers have won a class action lawsuit against Carnival Corporation

Next, number seven, we have a hurricane season update. There is still a lot of cyclone activity. Let’s start in the Pacific. The Eastern Pacific has three weather systems of concern. Those are identified by the red and yellow icons on this map. Otis is now a tropical storm and will dissipate later today. I also want to point out this weather system located off the west coast of Central America. It has a 70% chance of cyclone formation over the next 7 days, and it is currently moving to the Northwest. Meanwhile, in the Atlantic, Hurricane Tammy is still raging. Tammy currently has Max sustained winds of 105 mph. Those wind speeds would classify Hurricane Tammy as a category 2 hurricane. The forecast still shows that it poses a significant threat to Bermuda for later this week. Stay tuned, and we will keep you up to date.

hurricane season update

Then, number eight, Royal Caribbean has been reprimanded for misleading advertisements. A complaint has been filed against the cruise line in May of this year. Royal Caribbean had advertised cruises ‘leaving from Venice (Rena, Italy),’ meaning cruise passengers would depart from Rena. The issue is that Rena is a 2 and 1/2 hour drive south of Venice. The advertising standards Authority upheld the complaint, warning Royal Caribbean that advertisements ‘must not appear in the form complained of again.’

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Next, number nine, Princess Cruises is reusing cruise ship cooking oil in Alaska. The Discovery Princess cruise ship has piloted a program where cruise ship cooking oil has been offloaded in Juneau, Alaska. The oil has then been used as biofuel to power land-based tour buses, and this has been wildly successful. So now they are reviewing how to expand this for next year.

And then, there has been a tragic death on board a cruise ship. This occurred on board the Margarita Ville Sea Paradise cruise ship and is being reported by Cruise Center. The tragedy took place on October 11th as the crew is conducting a drill with a simulated fire on Deck number three. It is said that after the fire patrol team arrived at Deck number three, they were directed to run up the stairs in full gear with heavy equipment to Deck number eight. It was at this time that one team member ultimately collapsed and later died in the ship’s Medical Center. This has caused tensions to rise among the crew, namely because no announcement of the sad event was ever made to the crew.

Margarita Ville Sea Paradise

Also, the ship’s management continued with a crew party that was scheduled the next day as though nothing had happened, and there was no memorial for the crew to attend, and there was no opportunity given to contribute to the fallen crew member’s family. If this is accurate, the distress of the crew is definitely understandable. Life is precious, and if you are a crew member on board the Margarita Ville Sea Paradise cruise ship, know that we are praying for you as well as for the family of your friend that passed.

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