Cruise News: Celebrity Heroes, Controversial Cancellations, and Carnival’s Emotional Rescue!

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Cruise news: A well-known Carnival Cruise celebrity has become a hero. I have some video, and I’m going to get you the details. Plus, we have Cruise cancellations, loyalty perk changes, and more. I’m going to get you the top 10 Cruise news updates from across the cruise industry, and I’m going to get you the information fast. Coming up, welcome to the Travel Scouts. My name is Jason, and we are your cruise information Channel. We get you the cruise news and information you’re looking for quickly without wasting your time. So if you love cruising, consider subscribing.

Let’s go ahead and kick things off with number one.

Royal Caribbean Loyalty Perks Update

Royal Caribbean has changed their loyalty perks. Royal Caribbean communicated the change in an email to loyalty club members. The change is in regards to discounts for onboard photos, photo packages, and photo books. Previously, if gold, platinum, and emerald guests bought one photo, they could get a second for 50% off. And then Diamond, Diamond Plus, and Pinnacle members received a free photo and then received 10% off of photo packages and photo books. But that has now changed, and here is the new breakdown:

Gold members: You now get nothing. Platinum members: You get 20% off your first single photo, photo package, or photo book. You no longer need to buy one at full price. Emerald members: You get the same at 25% off. Diamond, Diamond Plus, and Pinnacle members: Will get 30% off plus you will continue to get your one free photo.

Tragic Incident in Turks and Caicos

Turks and Caicos are reporting that a cruise passenger was found dead on a beach. They are reporting that the incident took place this week. The now deceased woman disembarked a cruise ship along with her husband and other family members. The woman then left to explore the beach area on her own. Later, the family was alerted that she had been found lying face down in the water. CPR attempts were made, but she was unresponsive. The woman was later pronounced dead at the hospital. Sources have reported that it is believed that she drowned. Definitely prayers for the family during this difficult time.

Carnival Cruise Line Food Rumors

Carnival Cruise Line has responded to food rumors, and one has been confirmed. One rumor was that Carnival’s Lido buffet was moving to crew served instead of self-service. I’m not sure where that rumor originated, but Carnival responded in no uncertain terms and said that that rumor was not true. The second rumor has to do with omelet options. The rumor was that you could no longer get them made to order but instead had a few preset options, and Carnival Cruise Line has now confirmed that that is indeed true. As you can see from this menu snapshot, you can choose between cheese, ham and cheese, or vegetable. And the same is true for the omelet station at the Lido Buffet. The primary reason given for the change is to speed the process.

Ambassador Cruise Line Controversy

Ambassador Cruise Line has made a controversial cancellation move. The Ambassador Ambience cruise ship was in dry dock when significant damage was found on propeller shafts. As a result, the ship will be out of service until late January. And this is where the controversy comes in. The good news for booked Ambiance cruise ship passengers is that their bookings were transferred to sister ship the Ambassador Ambition. The bad news for the previously booked ambition passengers is that their cruises were canceled. It came down to a numbers game that made sense for the cruise line but definitely a tough pill to swallow for the impacted cruisers.

Cruise Critic Awards 2023 Highlights

Cruise Critic has announced their Cruise awards for 2023, and here are a few of the highlights. The best new ship was Virgin Voyages’ Resilient Lady. Best cabins went to Celebrity Cruises. Best dining and entertainment went to Virgin Voyages. Best service went to Holland America, and best value went to Carnival Cruise Line.

Okay, we have five Cruise news pieces remaining, including the top headlines of the day. But quick question: chime in down below thinking of these Cruise Awards in the different areas that were recognized. It got me to thinking, Kelly and I, we have a few large video projects that are going on right now where we are zoning in on specific areas of cruising. So, I want to ask you this question: which of these two areas is most important for you on a cruise? Would you select A, the food on a cruise, or B, the activities on a cruise? Chime in down below with the area that is most important to you. That will be very helpful to us. But now on with the cruise news.

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Royal Caribbean’s Icon of the Seas

Royal Caribbean’s newly delivered Icon of the Seas cruise ship is on its way to Spain, and en route, it had to pass underneath Denmark’s Great Belt Bridge at 20 decks tall. The cruise ship seemingly only had feet to spare as it crossed underneath. The onboard crew gathered on the top deck for the occasion, and it definitely got some media attention.

Cruising: Fastest-Growing US Travel Trend

Cruising has been identified as the fastest-growing travel trend in the US. There are three reasons that travel experts have identified as to why they think that is the case. The first is the value. While cruise prices are increasing, it is still cheaper than other travel. The second is that you can go to multiple destinations with ease. And the third is the ease of planning. There is a lot more logistics required for a land-based trip.

MSC Cruises’ Mega Terminal at Port Miami

Construction is continuing on MSC Cruises’ new terminal at Port Miami. The terminal is expected to open next year, and when it does, it will be the largest cruise terminal in North America. MSC released data noting that it will be able to handle three Mega ships and process 36,000 passengers each day. Currently, MSC is the third-largest cruise company, but it definitely seems that they intend to climb higher.

C-Cloud Cruises’ Unique Sailing Experience

C-Cloud Cruises is seeking to allure cruisers into a new kind of experience. The C-Cloud Spirit Cruise Ship will be sailing the Caribbean this winter. The ship maneuvers using an actual sail. The system is so extensive that it takes 22 deck hands 45 minutes to raise all 28 sails. They offer a different but luxury experience; however, it is a bit pricey, with cruises starting at over $3,000 per person.

Carnival’s Compassionate Response

Then in today’s top news segment, Carnival Cruise Line brand ambassador John Hill came to the rescue of a family with a booked cruise. Three days ago, a lady who was in the Air Force posted a TikTok video seeking to get help in getting a refund from Carnival. The refund was for her mother and father. Sadly, her mother had recently passed away, but they were unable to get a refund. The TikTok video received about 2 million views. So, let me share that with you, and then I will share with you the great news of what happened.

TikTok, um, please help me get this to the right people. I’m kind of using this as the last resort. I don’t know what else to do, but I cannot, um, accept the answer I’ve been given. So, Carnival Cruise Lines, this is for you. Um, a little backstory: my mom passed away two weeks ago. Um, I’ve been handling all the arrangements for my dad. They were married 38 years, so needless to say, um, he’s not okay. My parents had a cruise booked for December 31st, um, which they’ve had booked since May. Um, this cruise cost $2,134, and, um, yeah, they were looking forward to going on it. Um, my mom passed away two weeks ago. I’m handling all the arrangements. I call Carnival: hello, my mom has passed away. My dad does not feel like going on this cruise. Um, what do I need to do? Help me.

So sorry for your loss, but since your mother did not purchase Carnival Cruise protection, it’s going to cost you $1,371 to cancel this booking. Oh, but you’re not getting the other money back either. You’re going to have to email this email that could take 30 days to possibly respond to you with the death certificate to see if you’ll get this other money back. So because my mother unexpectedly passed away without purchasing Carnival Cruise protection, my dad is going to be out $2,131. $34. How is that okay? Like, I get it, you’re a multi-billion dollar company, but how is that okay? Please help me.

So she received a lot of feedback, and some of that feedback recommended that she reach out to one of my favorite people, Carnival Cruise Line brand Ambassador John Hill. And within one day, he and Carnival executive swooped in to remedy the situation. So the next day, the same lady posted this update video:

Hey, TikTok, I just wanted to provide a, um, Carnival Cruise update. Uh, it’s been less than 24 hours, but y’all did the thing. Uh, we did get Carnival’s attention, so I just wanted to say thank you to everyone that, uh, tagged them, commented, shared, liked it, did blow up, and we did get their attention. Um, for everyone that told me to reach out, John, me, thank you. Um, he was a great help, and he was very quick and empathetic, and he had actually lost his mom a couple of months ago. So I think, um, he was feeling some type of way about it as well. Um, I heard from Julia; she’s the executive resolutions officer for Carnival. She called me and said that John had reached out, and, um, my dad will be getting a full refund in one to three business days. Um, it’s very overwhelming just ’cause it happens so quick. I’m just very appreciative. Um, obviously, I’m still grieving, and I haven’t really got to grieve just because this is the stuff I’ve been dealing with. Um, so for everyone that was nice in the comments, thank you. I also, uh, wanted just to take a second to show everyone my mom. She was so beautiful. Um, a beach girly through and through. That’s her. Um, full-on tan. Um, I miss her so much, and I cannot thank everyone and Carnival enough for helping us out and, uh, remove some stress. So thank you.

Glad that this worked out, and prayers for this family. Subscribe and turn the notification Bell on to stay up to date with the latest Cruise news and information. The next article will be coming out soon, but until then, keep on cruising, and we’ll catch you in the next article.

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