How To Save Money As a Student in Edinburgh 2023

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How to Save money as a Student in Edinburgh 2023, Yes heard right. In this article we will give some tips and tricks to save money in edinburgh as a student. so without wasting anytime let’s start the topic.

Calculate your future expenses

We strongly suggest that you start calculating how much it will cost you to maintain your current standard of life in the future. Doing so will allow you to better budget for your experiences while you are pursuing your education. Every person’s financial plan is one of a kind and will be different from that of others based on their living circumstances such as if they have dependents, a job, or whether they live in an off-campus apartment. It is simple to prepare for what is left over once you have compared your anticipated income to your anticipated expenditures. If there is going to be a gap between the two, you should seek assistance.

Try going one day without spending money

Go through one day without spending money. If you’re up for a test of your willpower, try going seven days without making any purchases at all. Just have self-control and make a pact with yourself that you won’t touch your wallet or any of your credit cards for a whole day. It is possible and perhaps likely that the first few days may be challenging for you, but if you plan the day ahead of time, do your weekly shopping, and opt to walk instead of taking the bus, you will be able to handle it just fine. Aside from that, participating in a no-spend day will give you the opportunity to reflect on your spending habits and make more responsible financial plans. This means that the next time you are considering purchasing an after-lunch snack, you will give it some serious consideration.

Get a railcard

Get a railcard. Purchasing a railcard is a smart decision if you take more than two travels by train in a given calendar year since it will save you money. You will be qualified for a reduction in the price of some tickets each time you take a trip.

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Take advantage of discounts

Take advantage of discounts. It’s possible that you already know this, but there are really many more establishments than you think that give discounts to students. New Look, Office, and Shoe are just a few of the clothes stores on Princess Street that are participating in the sale. Even sale products are eligible for an additional 10% discount at Urban Outfitters.

Therefore, it is important to pay attention when the store’s major discounts are taking place. A variety of online retailers provide discounts and they are convenient for two lazy or too terrified students to confront the throng on Princess Street.

If you sign up for a uni days account, you’ll be eligible for discounts and other benefits that retailers like boohoo, glossybox, and even National Express offer. Explore the app on a regular basis to discover newly added discounts that might make your life a little bit more enjoyable.

Shop in the evenings

Evenings are a good time to shop. According to the 2017 NatWest student living index, the majority of the money that students spend goes towards purchasing food and home goods at a rate of roughly £78 per month.

If you want to avoid blowing your money on items that are priced excessively, you may want to think about doing your shopping in the night. There is no magic formula that will tell you where and how to discover the greatest deals in supermarkets, but before they shut the stores will often lower the cost of their products. This is often the case with foods like meat, bread, fruit, and salads, everything that can be easily frozen.

Shop at charity shops

Charity shops are great places to find deals on clothes, furniture, and other items. You can often find high-street brand clothing with the original price tag still on, marked down to a fraction of the original price. For example, on Nicholson Street, you’ll find a nice range of charity shops. And if you want a complete list of the thrift stores in Edinburgh, you can browse at Changeworks.

Shop at Little

Little is a budget supermarket that is located near the University of Edinburgh. They have a wide variety of groceries and household items at very affordable prices. For example, a variety of pasta for 45 pence, canned tomatoes for 39 pence a can, and hummus for 59 pence a pot.

Walk instead of taking the bus

Edinburgh is a relatively small city, so it is easy to get around on foot. Walking is a great way to save money on transportation costs and get some exercise at the same time.

Use a budgeting app

A budgeting app can help you track your spending and see where your money is going. This can help you identify areas where you can cut back. For example, Monzo is a budgeting app that allows you to see how and where you are putting your money, as well as how you may be conserving that cash.

Visit free museums and galleries

Edinburgh has many free museums and galleries that are worth visiting. This is a great way to enjoy the city without spending any money. For example, the National Museum of Scotland has a rooftop patio that offers a breathtaking panorama of Edinburgh.

Go to the right club nights

There are many club nights in Edinburgh that offer student discounts. Do some research to find the nights that offer the best deals. For example, on Flare Mondays at Why Not, Silk Thursdays at Attic, and Broke Fridays at Attic, customers can purchase spirit mixers for as little as one pound, bottles of beer for as little as one and a half pounds, and bombs for as little as two pounds.

Get cashback rewards

Many stores offer cashback rewards programs. These programs allow you to earn points or money back when you shop. For example, all major supermarkets offer cashback rewards programs, so you can earn points or money back when you shop at Tesco, Morrisons, Waitrose, Marks & Spencer, or Nectar.

Use your Student Card

use your student card there is a lot of support for students in Edinburgh and many businesses will give you a discount if you can prove that you are a student by showing them your ID it is quite unlikely that you will be asked for it almost anywhere particularly when one considers the high number of young visitors.

Some Useful Apps

Vouchercloud and Big Oven offer valuable advice on how to utilize your leftovers, and Foursquare provides discounts for eating out. These applications can be fantastic tools to help you manage your finances. Vouchercloud is particularly useful, while Big Oven provides creative ideas on how to make the most of your leftover food.

The aforementioned activities can be enjoyable when carried out regularly and with determination. It will take some time before these behaviors become second nature, just as it took years to construct Rome. However, after incorporating them into your routine, you will become a financial whiz and be well prepared for any difficult financial circumstances that may arise during your time in college.

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