Pros and Cons of Living in Florida

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Pros and Cons of Living in Florida 2024

What are the pros and cons of living in Florida? That’s what this article is about. A lot of you are still going to be interested in moving to Florida during Covid. We were one of the top places that people migrated to. Absolutely, lots of you are still really interested in coming down here. And maybe that’s surprising to some of you because of the home insurance crisis, real estate market. In this article, I’m going to talk about the top 9 pros and cons of living in Florida. In case you’re somebody that’s looking to move here in Florida, you can have to know what you’re getting yourself into. And these are going to be my personal pros and cons as I feel them. Certainly, it might be different for others. Stick around if you’re someone that’s interested to move here, maybe even live here, and you’re curious to find out what my list is. And hopefully, it’s going to help you make the right decision. If you’re new to my website, I’m Katrina Fitz. I’m a real estate agent in Sarasota County and Manatee County.


Let’s start with the pros first and then we will discuss about cons.

Warm Weather Year-Round

Number one is warm weather year-round. I would say that if you ask most people why they move to Florida, there’s going to be a lot of reasons but the one reason people always give is the warm weather year-round. Now, we’re going to also talk about the negative, which that type of weather poses especially in the summertime. But a lot of us are coming from up North. I came from New York City, and I was kind of done with the cold weather in New York City.

That wasn’t the primary reason why I moved, but it certainly is the reason why I stayed. I actually even got really used to the summertime here as well. However, winters come. Now, into February, March, April is going to be the most beautiful time to be here because not only are we moving out of the wet season, summers tend to be very wet around here. We’re moving into the dry season and usually, it’s always so sunny here. Temperatures are going to drop somewhat, and it’s going to make it really comfortable living here.


We have some of the most beautiful beaches. Siesta Key, for example, has been voted the number one beach in the United States several times. A lot of it has to do with the powder-like sand, but the beach is also really wide. You’ve got Miami Beach, which I think is pretty interesting too, especially for people watching. So there’s a beach for everyone here. It really depends on what you’re used to. If you’re on the East Coast, you can enjoy sunrises. If you’re on the West Coast, you can really thrive in sunset. And no matter where you live in Florida, even if you’re in Central Florida, you’re really not going to be that far from beaches. And that’s absolutely a draw for people. That’s one of the reasons they’re moving here is for that real Florida lifestyle that you’re seeing a lot of times in movies. Just think ‘Flipper’.

Diverse Demographics

Florida tends to be really diverse when it comes to demographics. What we’re going to do right now is just pull up the data and we’re going to look at The Villages, right, which is Central Florida. In The Villages, you have about 97 almost 98% of white people. If we look at Hispanics or Latinos, it’s a small number, 1.2%. So if you’re looking to be part of that demographic, well then The Villages is good for you. You can also look at ages. So The Villages tend to be a bit older.

Let’s look at the median age here. Person 65 years and over is almost 86%. So if you’re looking for an older demographic, then The Villages probably is going to appeal to you. But if you’re looking for much more of a diverse neighborhood when it comes to ages and the raising Hispanic origin makeup, well maybe you want to consider Miami City. City Miami, so there you have Hispanics about 72%.

No State Income Tax

Florida is one of Nine States where there’s no state income tax. If you want to be somewhere warm you want to be close to the beaches you only have two choices you’ve got Florida and Texas and I’m sorry Texas but the Florida beaches are way nicer than they are in Texas.

Outdoor Activities

When you’re in a warm weather year-round climate, you can be outdoors pretty much every day. Now in this summertime a lot of us what we will do is we’ll take part in activities say pickleball whatever activities you’re in in the morning or late at night so there’s still ways of still taking advantage of being outside year-round which if you’re up North with the winter unless you’re somebody that loves skiing it’s going to be much harder to take advantage of the outside and really thrive with all sorts of activities taking part in them because it’s too cold.

Theme Parks

We have some of the best theme parks in the world and our theme parks are a big draw for tourists Orlando Disney World Universal Studios to seaworld and then you’ve got Bush Gardens in Tampa there’s just a lot to do especially if you have kids taking those kids there everybody’s going to have a good time.

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Vacation Destination

We are essentially living in a place that people go to to Vacation whether you’re Central Florida or you’re by the coast people will come from all of the world to enjoy what Florida has to offer the beaches the theme parks and there’s so much more to Florida I mean you got St Augustine Jacksonville Tampa Miami there’s so much to see in Florida sometimes I don’t want to jump on a plane to feel like I’m on vacation you live in Florida all you have to do is take 2 days off hop in your car and drive off to another city that’s maybe an hour away and you’re going to feel like you’re on vacation because a lot of the cities that we have are very dissimilar from each other right it’s almost like we have different countries within Florida.

Sports Culture

Floridians love sports and there’s a lot of different teams that play here three NFL teams are here in Florida there’s no shortages of being able to cheer on a good team here Florida Panthers Tampa Bay Lightning Miami Dolphins Miami Heat and Orlando Magic are some of the teams that play here now I’m a soccer fan myself and that’s partially because I grew up in Germany Brazil and here I played soccer in school and so I can’t wait to see Messi in Miami who’s now playing for inter Miami CF and they’re doing really your job so lots to do in terms of watching games you’re a sports fan you’re in the right place here in Florida.

Blue Mind Concept

Lastly, the concept of blue mind can take on a strong role here in Florida especially the closer you are to the beaches. What is Blue Mind? Blue mind is when you feel more relaxed you’re you’re calmer because you’re close or near or in a body of water such as the gulf or the ocean and it’s been proven with signs especially neuros signs that has a positive effect on our bodies I take advantage of de-stressing by going to the beach whenever I can whether it’s a morning walk or a sunset walk and I know I can feel my well-being becoming much better when I’m really close to water even when I’m driving through the Bay Area downtown Sarasota and I’m just looking at this beautiful body of Blue Water I already feel a sense of calmness the idea of blue mind can really take on a strong sense here in Florida because you’re making it reality.


Till now we have discussed about all the good things in Florida but now let’s discuss the bad things about florida


Is Florida now overpopulated? Absolutely, I’ve talked to people from Miami and other places Tampa they’re really complaining about how it’s gotten overcrowded especially over the last 3 years during Co people moved here I mean you can feel the differences just in you know getting a reservation in a restaurant during peak season which is typically in the winter time has gotten a little bit harder you have to really plan ahead just to give you a sense of how much we have increased population wise over the last few years from 2021 to 2022 so just one year the population increased by almost 2% and so yeah you can feel it in a lot of sections here in Florida and that’s one of the major complaints that people have living here in Florida already because they’re seeing the evolution and many people don’t like it.


I have to cover this because it’s on everybody’s mind. Getting my information from NPR cuz I feel it is just as straightforward as they can be. People love living in Florida partially because DeSantis is in power and they like all the initiatives or most of the initiatives that he’s put into place. Then you have people that live in Florida that are talking about leaving because they dislike what is happening here from a policy standpoint. So I would say that Florida politically speaking is super divided and that can be an issue. You don’t know how to voice your opinion if you have one you got to kind of walk the fine lines because you don’t want to make any enemies or have anybody dislike you.


Healthcare options in Florida are not known to be one of the best. Where you’re moving to if healthcare is something that’s concerning to you maybe you’re somebody that is now a senior and you might have some health issues make sure make sure that you research the healthcare providers in the location you’re moving to because if not all places are going to be equal where I live in Sarasota we have really high-rated hospitals healthcare providers but you can’t say that about every location in Florida so do your research.

Homeowners Insurance

Homeowners insurance is a real pain for a lot of us living here and that’s because we are dealing with increasing premiums some of us have actually lost plans and would have to shop for a new provider my premium has gone up by 10% and I’m paying now $5,500 in an X zone my home though is not new construction so unless you’re purchasing a new construction home you’re probably going to be dealing with much higher premiums the average now in Florida is about $55,000 we nationally it’s probably half of that and there’s been terrible stories where people can’t even share their homes anymore because the roof is too old or they’re in an area where carriers won’t Ure them but I also want you to know that a lot of people I know have not had an issue with their home insurance and they’re actually not paying that much partially because they have a new home or it’s completely updated there are are going to be opportunities in Florida where the home insurance costs are going to be much lower it also depends on the type of house you you get.

Bugs, Critters, and Gators

You have to make peace with that, especially if you’re close to a body of freshwater such as a lake. You’re going to find Gators in that Lake and I still get a lot of customers who look at a lake and they’re like, “nah, there’s no gator in there.” I’m just like, “don’t even try to tease those gators because they’re in there and you don’t want to get really close to them especially during mating Seasons.” So remember this that every body of freshwater most likely will have a gator in there. If it’s a big body of freshwater, there’s going to be plenty of gators in there.

We have lots of bugs, lots of Critters, we got snakes. The other day I’m walking my dogs, I’m outside, they on a leash ’cause I’m really close to Lake, well guess what? I got really close to a snake. I took pictures of it and luckily for me, it was just a water snake. Yep, my dogs don’t like snakes. So if you’re somebody that’s going to be living in a single-family home, you’re in a very wooded area, you’re going to be dealing with everything I’m dealing with including palmetto bugs which is a roach essentially, got lots of those too. I have an exterminator that comes in every 3 months and so that’s for the most part keeping my home roach-free but every now and then they’ll come in from the outside ’cause the sliding door is open and that’s not good. You’ll have to learn how to use the swatter and get rid of them. Now if you don’t like Gators, you don’t like snakes, you don’t like bugs but you want to live in Florida, the other option is to obviously live in a big city such as Miami. You’re in a condo, a highrise, it’s less likely you’re going to be able to see a gator, most likely not at all, right? Because you need to be close to a body of freshwater.

Hottest Summers

As it gets really, really hot here in the summertime, this year we actually had one of the hottest Summers we’ve had in a long time. I believe the temperature got up into the high 90s maybe even the hundreds but it felt really hot and humid this year. Now a lot of you when you come here, you’re vacationing in the winter, partially because a lot of you actually coming in December when you have a week or two weeks off during the holiday season and that is really one of the nicest times to be in Florida, I think. But you guys are thinking that the weather is going to be very similar to what it is here in the winter in the summertime when in fact it truly is the total opposite here in Florida. We have two seasons essentially, the wet humid season in the summertime and then the dry colder season in the winter time.


We also have hurricanes from about May to September October so if you’re worried about hurricanes maybe you should come here and experience one before you commit to actually moving down to Florida or you know even where purchasing a home here just to decide that you can’t handle the summer and you absolutely are in despair when you know a hurricane is coming the first time around. Yeah, it’s definitely scary especially when you hear the rattling winds and you’re seeing trees bent almost 90 degrees but most of us who’ve been through it the second or third time, we know exactly how to prepare for it. It really it doesn’t face us that much anymore especially because we know exactly where we’re going to go in order to be safe and we know what to expect. The summer tends to be really wet. You have no idea by how wet it gets. This year in the summer was very strange because it was one of the very first Summers where that wasn’t actually the case but outside of this summer typically we will have a rain shower once a day. Doesn’t last very long, it could just last for an hour maybe 2 hours that’ll breed mosquitoes.

Lots of Mosquitoes

So if you’re someone that doesn’t like mosquitoes well housing in Florida at 1 Point was known to be very affordable. It typically would be below the US median average and that’s not really the case anymore. They’re pretty much on par now. Looking at the September 2023 numbers single-family homes median sales price is now coming in at $499,000 and that’s actually a 1.3% increase from the same time last year. Prices are coming down ’cause they typically always do in the summertime but they’re still up versus the same time last year and a lot of it has to do with the shortage of homes going back to September of 2020 prices are up by 33 34% so that’s a huge huge jump for the younger generation. The prices right now are much of a turnoff. I mean a lot of them are even talking about never being able to afford a home. What I tell people that I care about is that they need to get really really creative and diligent about how they can save money how they can make more money to being able to afford home ownership and sometimes it’s a matter of starting small. So maybe not getting that single-family home maybe getting a condo instead or in a location that’s more affordable then build equity and then step it up to the better home later on that’s what baby boomers did a lot of baby boomers are coming in with cash because they had all their lives to save so maybe now is the time to save save for many years to come and then get yourself in a position so that you can purchase when you’re ready.

No Mountains

Well there’s no mountains here got some hills there’s some places where it’s a little bit Hillier but don’t think you’re going to go away on the weekend up in the mountains and just you know living life there we we don’t have that here and so if that’s the type of terrain that you enjoy yeah Florida’s not for you last point is traffic traffic has definitely gotten worse in many places across Florida partially because we have had such an influx of people moving in right I see the difference here in Sarasota where I live but wherever you’re interested in moving to here in Florida just make sure that you’re comfortable with the traffic and if you’re somebody that’s traffic averse you’re definitely going to want to stay away from places such as Miami maybe even certain places in Tampa and Orlando get familiar with the traffic pattern before you commit these are obviously my top 10 okay you may have other top 10 leave them in the comment section of this article and thank you so much for reading today if you enjoyed this article If you learned something new share this article. appreciate it

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