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Cruise news: Carnival Cruise Line has encountered some issues on one of its sailings, and now it is pumping the brakes on that ship’s next cruise. I’m going to get you the details, plus there are some big announcements regarding multiple shore excursions. The Icon of the Seas is addressing some cruise issues, and one cruiser has been banned. There is loads of cruise news; I have the top 10 cruise news updates from across the cruise industry, and I’m going to get you the information fast.

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One of Nassau’s most popular shore excursions, Blue Lagoon Island, has reopened after being shut down for 2 months. Blue Lagoon Island temporarily closed after rough waves caused one of their shuttle boats to sink back in November. This led to the unfortunate death of one cruise passenger. During the past 2 months, there have been inspections, reviews of policies, enhanced staff training, marine fleet maintenance, and other safety measures. So, the location is now open, but cruise lines will still have to decide if they are ready to begin offering the excursion once again.

Number two, a cruiser has been banned for life after a video surfaced showing her climbing over her balcony railing. This occurred on the Carnival Jubilee cruise ship. The video was recorded and posted on TikTok. In the video, the female passenger climbs over her balcony railing on Deck number nine onto the awning of Deck number eight. In the footage, the ship can be seen moving at the time that she did this. That video went viral on TikTok. Carnival Cruise Line noticed, and they made this statement: “Our security team on Carnival Jubilee identified the guests involved in this matter, and those guests will no longer be sailing on Carnival ships. The safety of everyone on board is our priority, and we do not tolerate this behavior.”

Moving on to number three, a shark tank dive excursion has now been temporarily closed in Nassau, Bahamas. This particular excursion is offered at Blue Adventures by Stuart Cove. It is based at Atlantis Paradise Island resort. I reported last week about a 10-year-old boy from Maryland who was attacked by a shark at this excursion. That incident has led to an investigation of the operation. Other shark tank diving excursions in the Bahamas will remain open.

Next, number four, the Icon of the Seas is addressing an issue on cruise ships. If you read a lot of cruise reviews, you will find that the waiting time at elevators can be a real issue. The Icon of the Seas is seeking to fix that. The Icon does not have traditional elevators; it has destination elevators. With destination elevators, you input the floor you want to go to on a keypad. It then tells you which elevator to get on by letter identifier. The new system aims to better ensure that there will actually be room for you on the elevator. It also aims to ensure that there are fewer stops en route to your destination floor.

Then, number five, the prices for the Icon of the Seas continue to rise. Right now, the absolute cheapest cruise fare for the Icon is $1,723 per person for a 7-day cruise. But is that worth it? For example, Princess Cruises will be launching a new and innovative ship called the Sun Princess next month. The price for a 7-day cruise on that ship is only $557 per person. That is one-third the price of an Icon of the Seas cruise.

Okay, we have five cruise news pieces remaining, including the top headlines of the day. But a quick question: chime in down below. Looking at these prices has really got me thinking about the value. So, I’m going to ask a question, and I am going to be extremely interested to see what your response is. Looking at these two cruise ships, the Sun Princess and the Icon of the Seas—both of them are new ships, both of them have a very similar home port (the Sun Princess goes out of Fort Lauderdale, the Icon of the Seas goes out of Miami), both of them are typically doing 7-day itineraries. Now, the Icon will have a lot more bells and whistles, but the Sun Princess is much, much cheaper. So here’s my question: given the current pricing situation, which of these two cruise ships would you rather go on? Would you rather go on A) the Icon of the Seas or B) the Sun Princess? Chime in down below with that. I will look forward to reading that. Would like to know any of your thoughts concerning that as well. But now on with the cruise news.

Number six, the Costa Foren completed its final voyage with Costa Cruises yesterday. The ship is now headed to dry dock in Spain. It will reemerge as the Carnival Foren. The ship will home port in Long Beach, California. The first sailing with Carnival Cruise Line is scheduled for April 25th.

Number seven, Carnival Corporation has made a public statement regarding the order of new cruise ships. Last week, information leaked from a shipyard in Italy suggesting that Carnival Corporation was placing a large order for multiple new ships. A Carnival Corporation spokesperson responded to the rumor, saying: “CEO Josh Weinstein has said publicly that we are talking with shipyards and he would be surprised if we haven’t ordered a ship in the next 6 months. We expect to order new builds for delivery probably beginning in 2027 at a rate of 1 to 2 per year.” Now, Carnival Corporation includes a lot of cruise brands, and it is not yet clear which brands will be getting the new ships. So stay tuned, and we will keep you up to date.

Moving on to number eight, the MS Mod cruise ship has now scheduled a return to service in April. The ship was hit by a rogue wave back in December. It broke windows, the ship lost power, and it lost its ability to navigate. The ship will return to doing cruises around the British Isles, as well as expeditions to the Arctic.

Next, number nine, a Holland America crew has saved a couple’s wedding plans. The couple pictured here are crew members on a Holland America ship. The man is the crew doctor, and the lady is the hotel executive assistant. They met last year on a ship, and they later got engaged. The couple had planned to get married in the Philippines, where she is from. They were going to do this while the ship was at port, but they ran into issues with immigration, and it looked like their wedding plans were not going to happen. But that is when the crew pulled together to plan a fabulous wedding on board the ship, and the couple is now happily married.

Then, number 10, notable sickness on board a Carnival cruise ship. Carnival Cruise Line has confirmed that a number of guests on board the Carnival Elation cruise ship have reported to the on-board Medical Center. In a statement, Carnival said: “Guests on the Carnival Elation have been advised to follow our protocols to manage gastroenteritis. Stomach flu and norovirus-type illnesses are highly contagious.” The Carnival Elation arrived back to its home port in Jacksonville today. Carnival Cruise Line noted that the ship will now be undergoing increased cleaning and disinfection in accordance with the ship’s outbreak prevention and response plan. This will be completed before the cruisers for the next voyage can board. It is currently unclear how long the ship may be delayed.

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