10 Unusual Things to Do In Rome

1. Artful Dining: Experience art-filled dinners at Cafe Canova Tadolini.

2. Starry Concerts: Attend summer concerts at Caracalla Baths.

3. Trastevere Stroll: Explore Trastevere with a midday walk.

4.Palazzo Morning: Visit the private Palazzo Colonna on Saturdays.

5. Nature Run: Jog the trails at Villa Doria Pamphili.

6. Vintage Finds: Shop for designer bargains at local vintage markets.

7.Riverfront Cinema: Enjoy a movie night on Tiber Island.

8.Cooking Mastery: Learn pasta-making at an Italian cooking class.

9. Art in Industry : Discover classical art at Centrale Montemartini.

10. Exhibition Visit: Explore shows at Palazzo delle Esposizioni.