5 Ways Credit Cards Save on Holiday Travel

Use Credit Card Rewards: Redeem flexible points for flights and hotels from travel cards like American Express, Capital One, Chase, and Bank of America.

TSA PreCheck and Global Entry Credits: Certain cards, like Bank of America Premium Rewards, offer credits for TSA PreCheck and Global Entry fees, saving time and money.

Access Airport Lounges: Cards like Chase Sapphire Reserve provide access to exclusive airport lounges with free amenities like drinks, snacks, and Wi-Fi.

Free Checked Bags: Airline credit cards often offer free checked bags, a valuable perk for families or group travelers.

Credit Card Rental Car Insurance: Some cards provide rental car insurance, saving you from daily insurance charges during your trip.

Mind Credit Card Balances: Avoid carrying balances to prevent interest charges, especially with rising rates.

Evaluate Trip Insurance: Some cards offer trip coverage, potentially reducing the need for standalone travel insurance and cutting overall costs.