Best Rides at Epcot

Dark Thrill Ride: The ride is one of the largest fully-enclosed coasters globally, offering a smooth yet thrilling experience.

Thrill Ride with Small Drops: Unique for its vehicle design phase where visitors customize their cars before a high-speed test ride.

Trackless Dark Ride: A 4D dark ride based on the Ratatouille movie, offering a unique experience of being in Chef Remy's rat size.

Gentle Flight Simulator : A relaxing hand-gliding ride providing scenic views of global landmarks; suitable for most visitors.

Intense Flight Simulator: A space shuttle simulator with realistic experiences; two mission options are available.

Dark Slow Ride: A whimsical Frozen-themed ride with gentle drops; best ridden early, late, or with Genie+.

Spaceship Earth: Classic Epcot ride inside the iconic sphere, showcasing the history of communication.

Living with the Land: A gentle cruise through Epcot’s greenhouses; lines are typically short.

The Seas with Nemo & Friends: A cute boat ride through the Finding Nemo story; characters projected onto a real aquarium at the end.

Journey into Imagination with Figment: A gentle dark ride emphasizing the power of imagination with Figment the playful dragon.